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Animal- Friendly Community Guidebook

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The author’s family is always very passionate about pets. She and her sister will always feed the street cats in their compound; they adopted six adorable white cats; they even bought a big dog a year ago. Her enthusiasm for pets and her personal experience has always made her ponder why there are so many unfriendlinesses towards pets in the community. Actually, she started trying to change the current situation several years ago through a variety of methods. And then, she realized that a guide that applies to everyone living in the community could be a perfect way to improve the situation.

During the process of making the guide, at first, the author did a lot of research, investigations, interviews, and surveys to collect the most accurate information. And then, she organized the information and wrote the final product, “animal-friendly community guide.”
The guide provides references for people who want to contribute to the animal-friendly community in four aspects: the current issue, short-term strategies, mid-term goals, and long-term visions. The guide mainly separates the “community animals” into two categories, pet dogs and street cats, and discusses each in detail. You can be a dog owner, a cat owner, or an animal lover, but no matter who you are, you can always find practical suggestions for the “animal-friendly community.” After this guide is issued, the author will find a specific site and implement the solutions provided. If you are also interested in establishing peace and harmony between animals and humans in your community, just keep reading!

Karen 2022

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